My name is Eric Kruse with Signed in Wood and I am a Flagstaff, AZ artist who makes one of a kind art pieces using reclaimed, recycled and salvaged wood. I keep the natural curvatures, grains, and finishes to produce pieces with rustic character and charm. I experiment with all natural stains consisting of vinegar and rusty nails along with spices like turmeric and chili power. 

I have had a passion for woodworking from early childhood.  Some of my fondest memories revolve around helping my father in his wood-shop as a child; Signed in Wood is the perfect outlet for my passion for both art and woodworking along with the conservation element of using reclaimed, recycled and salvaged wood.

I predominately focus my art on trees, landscapes, portraits and vintage vw's but do many different art pieces.  I have found that my pet portraits have gone over very well by capturing the love of our “best friends” on a reclaimed wood art piece.  I also can pretty much take any picture and reproduce it on a wood canvas to capture the memory forever. 

Custom pieces upon request.
Contact Me at 480-283-7238 or eric@signedwood.com